Mysterious metal ball washes up on Japanese beach | World News

A mysterious large metal ball has washed up on a beach in Japan, leaving authorities and residents baffled.

The object appeared on the shoreline of Hamamatsu city, prompting police to scramble for a bomb squad, but a closer inspection showed no immediate threat.

X-ray technology showed the ball to be hollow, as concerns that it was a stray mine were quickly dismissed.

The ball, about 1.5 meters in diameter, washed up on Enshu Beach, according to local media reports.

A member of the public reported the object, which led to an assessment by explosives experts in hazmat suits while a large surrounding area was cordoned off.

The ball is believed to be iron, but has a rusted surface and two raised handles on the surface, indicating that it was usually hooked to something.

this Japanese Armed Forces and Coast Guard officials were examining images of the ball.

Speculation on social media suggested the ball came from space, or asked if it was another type of surveillance balloon.

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it happened after the us shot down a plane Suspected Chinese spy balloon February 4 off the coast of South Carolina.

U.S. defense officials believe the balloon was launched as part of an operation to monitor sensitive military sites.

China insists the balloon was blown up for meteorological and other scientific purposes.

and then three more objects shot down over north america.

Later, U.S. officials said they did not appear to be involved in “any form of intelligence gathering against the United States.”

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