Mr Blobby’s clothing buyer ‘withdraws from £62,000 bid’ | The Art News

The buyer of the original Mr Blobby costume – which was due to pay £62,000 – has reportedly withdrawn from the auction.

One This piece is up for auction on eBay More than 25 years of TV memorabilia generated a lot of interest last week.

The costume sold for £62,101, but it’s out now The buyer withdrew from the auction an hour after outbid.

The anonymous seller told the BBC: “I thought it might get to the £100 level – so I’m really shocked it got to the level it did.

“I think it’s one of the things that’s being driven by social media.

“The irony is that it was sold not to make money, but to make room.”

Mr Blobby’s suit, made by the BBC’s costume supplier, was planned for Noel’s house party, but the TV show was canceled before it could be delivered.

From 1991 to 1999, Noel’s House Party was a BAFTA award winning light entertainment show.

Mr Blobby in 1993
Mr Blobby rose to fame in 1993

Earlier, sellers said the costume needed a new home, as they claimed neither the broadcaster nor the BBC production team wanted it.

The costume needed some attention due to its age and one of the plastic eyes was cracked.

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While eBay’s terms and conditions state that winning an auction means the user has committed to purchase the item, it cannot be legally enforced.

According to the BBC, the seller decided to keep the Mr Blobby clothing for now.

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