Where is the UK’s ‘worst’ broadband provider found? Survey – is yours on the list? | uk news

Services offered by the largest broadband companies are “mediocre at best”, according to a new survey.

Research by consumer watchdog Which? has found most of the biggest companies are only offering unreliable connections, poor customer service and tech support issues – despite announcing a huge increase in monthly bills from next month.

Which is this?set up

The worst rated of the largest companies are talk about It scored 51 percent in an annual satisfaction survey of 4,000 customers.

Users gave it the lowest marks for technical support, customer service, and speed.

The company will raise its broadband prices by 14.2% from April 1.

Ranked 10th is virgin media 54% gave it low marks for customer service and tech support.

Virgin Atlantic’s monthly costs will rise by an average of 13.8% in April.

Ranked eighth, with a score of 56%, yes Sky Broadband. Its customers say they have experienced connectivity issues over the past year.

On Saturday, Sky raised its prices by 8.1%. Although customers currently using its broadband will still be able to switch for free.

BT Broadband ranked fifth, and 59% of users indicated that the cost performance was not high.

On March 31, the company’s contract mid-price will rise 14.4%.

Zen Internet topped the list for the eighth year in a row with a score of 81%.

They are followed by Hyperoptic and Utility Warehouse in second and third respectively, and like Zen, they will not increase prices mid-contract.

Could inflation be the reason for rising prices?

Simply put, yes.

Vendors typically link their annual price increases to January’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Retail Price Index (RPI).

However, the system currently in place only forces customers to choose between paying more per month or paying a hefty exit fee which can exceed £200.

Ofcom is currently investigating whether inflation-linked price increases for medium-term contracts will provide customers with sufficient certainty and clarity when entering into new contracts. Results will be announced later this year.

‘This is unacceptable’

Rocio Concha, which one? The head of policy and advocacy said: “During this relentless cost of living crisis, it is unacceptable that the big broadband companies are raising the price of their mediocre service by such huge sums.

which? Suppliers are now being called on to allow customers to withdraw from contracts without penalty if prices continue to rise, and to cancel price increases for vulnerable groups.

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In response, a TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We are disappointed by the way Which? researched the data and urge them to use more thoughtful and representative evidence.

It said the findings bucked “an encouraging trend in customer experience at TalkTalk following significant investment and improvements in customer service in recent months”.

“We are also seeing the lowest level of clients ever leaving us,” it added.

A spokesman for BT Consumer said they understood the price increase was unpopular, but “given the rising costs our business faces, they believe it is something that has to be done”.

“With more than 3 million customers exempted from rising prices on average by just over £1 a week, we are also doing everything we can to ensure the widest possible customer base is served through our market-leading social tariff.”

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