What are the lingering effects of the shutdown?

When the border between the U.S. and Canada was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, northern communities along the border had to deal with a huge loss of income from Canadian tourists.

On this episode of In Focus, President and CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara Patrick Kaler talks to JoDee Kenney about the shutdown and its lingering effects. Niagara Falls is a massive vacation destination, but before the pandemic, the area also had a lot of daily traffic — people coming in to shop at the outlet, watch a Bill game, have dinner, or just visit the different attractions Buffalo. It’s all plummeting, but Kaler said Visit Buffalo Niagara has been running a digital campaign to try and encourage more people to return to the region — not just from Canada, but domestic tourists as well. Kaler also discussed efforts by local politicians to lift remaining COVID-related travel restrictions, saying the ease of returning to pre-pandemic travel will have a major impact on the region.

You can watch the full interview with President and CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara Patrick Kaler in the video player above.And be sure to tune in to the biggest issues affecting upstate New York, following JoDee Kenney’s spotlight – every Sunday Spectrum News 1.

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