UK app developers join forces to fight ‘excessive’ fees, Apple in $1bn lawsuit UK News

UK app developers are suing Apple for £1bn (£785m) over App Store fees.

Professor Sean Ennis of the University of East Anglia’s Center for Competition Policy has filed a class action on behalf of 1,566 app creators over “exorbitant” claims from the tech giant.

Some app makers charge 15% to 30% apple Delegates when using its in-app payment system — a process that has been criticized by antitrust regulators in several countries.

Professor Ennis said: “Apple charges app developers too much and is only possible because of its monopoly on app distribution on the iPhone and iPad.

“These charges are inherently unfair and constitute abusive pricing. They harm app developers and app buyers.”

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Apple previously stated that 85% of developers on the App Store do not need to pay any commissions, and help European developers reach markets and customers in 175 countries around the world through the App Store.

Apple’s services business, which includes Apple Pay, Apple Arcade and the App Store, is growing and generates around $80bn (£62bn) in annual revenue.

In November, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) imposed Google’s Mobile browsers in the cloud marketplace.

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