Twitter ‘will make millions’ as Apple and Amazon ads appear next to once-banned users | Tech News

A new report has revealed that Twitter can make millions of pounds a year by placing ads for brands such as Apple and Amazon, as well as the toxic tweets of controversial accounts that have not been banned.

many large companies Removal of paid promotions from the platform After Elon Muskacquisition, citing concerns about its direction Under the control of self-proclaimed “free speech authoritarians”.

Rapidly falling ad revenue fuels advice company may face bankruptcy but Big spenders including Amazon and Apple are really paying off Despite Musk’s decision to reinstate several banned users, such as misogynistic influencers Andrew Tate and prominent neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin.

According to new research from the Center Against Digital Hate (CCDH), tweets from such accounts have surfaced alongside promotions from major brands.

The group accused Twitter of profiting from hate.

An analysis by CCDH estimates that ads appearing next to such controversial content could help Twitter generate $19m (£15.6m) a year in revenue.

CCDH said it found an example of amazon Next to the Prime Video ad was a tweet from Anglin, in which he claimed that “the only career a woman can really have is prostitution.”

another seems to show apple A television ad shot with far-right conspiracy theorist Rogan O’Handley, in which he promotes debunked claims that Ukraine is developing biological weapons with the assistance of the US government.

Meanwhile, Sky News has reached out to Amazon and Apple for comment Twitter There is no longer a media relations team.

Amazon Prime Video ads appear alongside neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin's misogynistic tweets.Image: Center for Combating Digital Hate
Amazon Prime Video ads appear alongside neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin’s misogynistic tweets.Image: Center for Combating Digital Hate
Far-right conspiracy theorist Rogan O'Handley's Apple TV ad.Image: Center for Combating Digital Hate
Far-right conspiracy theorist Rogan O’Handley’s Apple TV ad.Image: Center for Combating Digital Hate

“Bad actors” are “highly profitable”

Ad revenue estimates are based on forecasts of the number of times tweets from 10 prominent recovery accounts are seen over a one-year period, the frequency of ads on Twitter, and the cost of the ads.

Tweets from selected profiles — which also included far-right conspiracy theorists and climate change deniers — were viewed 2.5 billion times during the course of the study.

That means they are on track to be seen 20 billion times a year, with an average of one promotion for every seven tweets, CCDH said.

At a cost to advertisers of $6.46 per 1,000 views, this means that revenue from Promoted Tweets displayed alongside posts from selected influencers could add up to a total estimated revenue of $19 billion.

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CCDH Chairman Imran Ahmed Blames Musk recover account Purely because “it’s highly profitable”.

“Just 10 of these reinstated bad actors would generate billions of Twitter views, which Elon Musk sells to household names like Apple, Amazon, and the NFL, and advertisers,” he said. explain.

“We call on the world’s leading brands to show leadership by immediately stopping their Twitter advertising and direct funding of hate and misinformation.”

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