Twitter gives fake Disney account the golden tick | Tech News

Twitter incorrectly verified an explicitly fake account claiming to be associated with Disney.

The account, called @DisneyJuniorUK, was spotted with a gold verification tick on Monday and was subsequently suspended by Twitter.

“No fucking way,” the account tweeted after realizing it had been assigned a gold badge.

The fake Disney account was later suspended by Twitter
The fake Disney account was later suspended by Twitter

When Sky News reached out to Twitter’s press office for comment on the error, Twitter’s press office automatically responded with a poop emoji.

The social media giant removed the blue and gold ticks from verified accounts and organizations a few days ago as part of boss Elon Musk’s new policy that he wants users to pay for a subscription service for their accounts to be verified .

However, in Twitter’s U-turn, some Celebrity accounts reinstalled with blue ticks There were no fees for the weekend, and reports said accounts with a million followers or more were back to normal.

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