Toddler climbs White House fence to become first ‘trespasser’ since Secret Service beefs up security U.S. News

A curious toddler has become the smallest intruder to break into the perimeter of the White House after squeezing through a metal fence.

The toddler was seen climbing over a fence on the north side of the administration building on Tuesday.

us Secret Service agents walked across the North Lawn to bring the toddler back to Pennsylvania Avenue and reunite him with his parents.

After the problem was resolved, officials briefly restricted access to the area.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said officials “were confronted by a curious young visitor on the north fence of the White House who briefly entered the White House grounds.”

He added: “White House security immediately triggered the action of Secret Service officers and the toddler was reunited with the parents shortly thereafter.”

The toddler is the first person to successfully “break into” the complex since the White House fence doubled in height after a series of security breaches.

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In September 2014, a Texas man climbed over a fence with a knife and sprinted across the North Lawn into the White House.

The Secret Service agent drew his gun and ordered the man to lie down, but the man resisted.

After the man resisted, he was forcibly pushed to the ground and searched by agents.

Moments later, he was led off the lawn Handcuffed.

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