TikTok to remove climate change denial videos and direct users to ‘authoritative information’ | Tech News

TikTok will start removing videos that deny the existence of climate change.

popular short video app said it was updating its misinformation policy to target anything that “undermines the accepted scientific consensus on global warming.”

Any clips that contain misinformation climate crisis Will be deleted.

The company has also introduced a new search function to direct anyone looking for climate content to “authoritative information” sourced in partnership with the United Nations.

This is similar to the approach taken youtubeIt promotes links to United Nations web pages climate change When people search for related videos.

TikTok said the changes would help “promote accurate climate discussions” and “reduce harmful misinformation.”

The changes will be rolled out ahead of Earth Day on Saturday, an annual global event to show the importance of devoting time, resources and energy to addressing the climate crisis.

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TikTok has stepped up its stance on harmful content over the past year amid government pressure over privacy and security concerns due to its Chinese ownership.

sky news investigation Enter the popularity of controversial influencer Andrew Tate Spotting TikTok on the social media platform appears to be doing something to protect children from such videos.

TikTok also says it’s removing eating disorder content After research found an increase in views of such videos.

Despite repeated attempts to boost its reputation among skeptics, the company faces The prospect of an outright ban in the USpoliticians believe it is being used to spread misinformation and support Chinese propaganda.

In the UK, the company recently Nearly £13m fined for misusing children’s data.

Following in the footsteps of the US, EU, Canada and other countries, the app has also been banned from government workers’ work phones.

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Why is TikTok banned?

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