There’s a lot to absorb in this week’s US news — and lots of meaningUS News

This is one of those weeks in America where you end up being whipped by a flood of extraordinary news.

So much news that, in fact, we can’t cover everything as deeply as we’d like.

The main stories are all familiar American themes—guns, intelligence leaks, abortion, drugs. But in each one, there is a lot to absorb and a lot of meaning.

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body camera footage or bank shootout


The week started with another mass shooting.

This is the 147th time this year.

The location — a bank in Louisville, Kentucky. Five people were killed plus “The Gunman” – the gunman’s all-encompassing Americanism.

American shootings have become so tragically common. Beyond the horror, though, there’s something special that resonates with each of them — a tragic detail or particular fact.

The big discovery this time is that under Kentucky law, the assault weapon the man used to kill his bank colleague must be auctioned off on the open market.

There have been 16 more mass shootings in the US since Monday.

As I write, Another message is surfacing. Birthday parties in Alabama. Four died.

So 163 mass shootings this year. It’s amazing.

intelligence leak

By Tuesday, another story was in focus — a cycle that was fast-moving, starting with the daily shootings in the United States.

My focus is on the damage done by a massive intelligence leak; the impact is starting to fade across the globe.

I now understand why a diplomat I spoke to two days ago was so alarmed. There are many geopolitical tremor revelations.

From Asia to the Middle East to Europe to the Ukrainian Battlefield: Impact.

Leaks always mean temporarily less sharing among globally allied spy agencies. America’s friends around the globe now wonder how safe that friendship is and their intelligence is in Washington.

Then we found out that the leaker was allegedly a 21-year-old Air National Guard soldier.

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Instant leak suspect arrested

The details of what Jack Teixeira is accused of doing are compelling and raise so many questions — many of which remain unanswered.

Lots of extraordinary details Although among the FBI’s reasons for arresting him.

Other things were also confirmed in the leak. America’s global dominance is indeed waning.

Nations that were once close, dependent, and loyal to America are no longer as close as they used to be. Many believe they cannot (or need not) depend on the United States.

Take Egypt, for example: leaked intelligence suggests that the government there wants to produce rockets and send them to Russia. excellence. One of many examples.

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What We Learned From America’s Leaks

When we absorb the leak, president biden (honestly, looks old) is his personal pilgrimage to ireland He reflects on the U.S. leadership that led to the Good Friday Agreement.

Watching it, it made me wonder: Is America today capable of brokering such a remarkable deal?

While Biden is in Ireland (where everything feels very reflective), the Brazilian president is in Shanghai telling developing countries to ditch the dollar. “Why should the dollar be the global currency we’re all pegged to?” he asked, to applause. China loves it.

In Saudi Arabia, Arab leaders meet. Syria is a focus as it gradually returns to their club. Assad’s recovery after killing so many of his countrymen is nearing completion. America’s anger doesn’t matter.

The test will be whether Arab states will be deterred by US sanctions on investment.

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What is a “sedative”?


Back in the United States, midweek saw an unprecedented announcement of a problem more obvious to Americans than their place in the world — drugs, specifically a cocktail called the Tranq.

The White House announced, “new threat to the country“.

It was a major announcement and acknowledgment of the scale of the problem — a 1,000 percent increase in overdoses in southern states. This is on top of already staggering numbers – fentanyl kills 100,000 Americans each year. absorb it.

Then, on a related note, on Friday, the DOJ made a big announcement.It doesn’t have a gripping title: “DoJ Announces Response to Sinaloa Cartel Global operations. “

The attorney general announced the government’s attempt to tackle America’s addiction to opioids.

In the announcement – which contained striking details of the brutality of Mexican cartels (people feeding tigers), I was almost panic-stricken at realizing the magnitude of America’s drug problem.

Also implicit in the announcement was a sense that just as hard as it is to stop Mexican drug cartels, it is also difficult to stop China from shipping raw fentanyl, especially when U.S.-China relations are so bad. (See above points about US influence.)

And then more news.

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Why can abortion pills be taken off the shelves in the US?


In the dead of night Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signed bill banning abortion Six weeks after conception. It was the last place in the South where you could get an abortion.

The move is from Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision last year.

Florida news is about legal and real-world Legality of Mifepristone.

There is so much politics involved in the rapidly moving, confusing and contradictory developments in abortion.

this abortion The story is also difficult to tell. Those whose experiences we want to hear and learn about are hardly ready to sit down and chat.

They are urgently and privately seeking ways to legally receive abortion healthcare, often hundreds of miles from home now.

A flurry of news out of the US this week has caused a stir.

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Biden thanks Ireland for supporting Ukraine

Buckle up as the 2024 election cycle begins. At this point, we can expect President Biden to announce that he is now ready to run. This raises legitimate questions about his age.

Nowhere is the physical and mental stamina and agility of a statesman tested more than in the American election campaign. This is a broken politician half Biden’s age.

Next week – First job: A high-profile court case that exposes the inner workings of Fox News and a lie that has engulfed a nation. stay tuned.

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