The Machine – The James Brown Mystery

The Machine – The James Brown Mystery – CNN Audio Podcast

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Saturday, November 5

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A bizarre phone call reveals a question in the grave – has the godfather of the soul been murdered? About 40 years ago, a songwriter found himself in the inner circle of musician James Brown. The relationship would almost destroy her career. Decades later, she tries to unravel the mystery of James Brown’s death…and her own life. When she called CNN reporter Thomas Lake, the two stumbled across a world of secrecy, intimidation and alleged foul play.


The James Brown Mystery

November 4, 2022

Thomas Lake asked the circus singer more about her friendship with Adrienne Brown, who believes the criminal organization surrounding the Godfather of Soul is what she calls “The Machine”. Lake learned that both women were convinced that U.S. government agents were spying on them and trying to kill them. It turns out that James Brown also suspected that he was being watched by the CIA during his lifetime. So Lake digs deeper into the mysteries behind government surveillance and celebrity.

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