The 30 Best Winter Beauty Launch Events of 2022

From new must-have makeup products to skincare for your next at-home facial, winter brings a lot of excitement when it comes to beauty. With new launches from some of our editor’s favorite brands—like Grande Cosmetics, LolaVie, Supergoop! And more—you’ll want to improve your routine with these innovative products (perfect time for a new year’s reset!).

Below, check out all the new makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances worth trying this winter.

Known for its lash-extending serum, Grande Cosmetics’ latest offering makes brows fuller and fuller. The tinted gel is infused with brow boosting serum, so you can use it like a regular brow gel to fill in and shape brows, while growing thicker and better brows over time.

Inspired by a galaxy far, far away, Pat McGrath Labs’ latest collaboration includes eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss, all for “Star Wars” fans. Featuring R2D2 on the cover, this highly collectible palette contains five stunning metallic shades.

New Telescopic Lift Mascara is a non-removable lengthening and longwearing mascara with unique double-hooked bristles that separate and lengthen lashes.

This soft brow wax makes feathering or layering brows easy at home. It keeps brows flexible without becoming brittle once dry. Plus, it contains conditioning ingredients like Candelilla Wax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil.

If you’re still obsessed with last season’s “White Lotus,” this eyeshadow palette from Italian beauty brand Espressoh is perfect for recreating some of the show’s looks.

The formula is a full-coverage foundation with skincare benefits, SPF 30 for protection and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration.critics noted its weightlessness

Available in three shades, this multi-benefit lip balm lets you build and blend color seamlessly. This multitasking product is perfect for mature skin as it’s infused with plumping ceramides that boost hydration and help keep our skin barrier healthy.

Whether you’ve mastered the cat-eye look or you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-use liquid eyeliner, this pen delivers water- and smudge-resistant true black pigment.

This tinted serum feels silky smooth on skin and blends for sheer coverage with a diffuse and blurred finish. It has a glossy finish and, like other tinted moisturizers, is easiest to apply with fingers for a natural finish.

Supergoop’s latest sunscreen innovation combines mineral SPF 40 with the skin benefits of bakuchiol and L-carnitine, a collagen-boosting peptide. It treats the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging and hyperpigmentation, while protecting the skin from the sun, which can worsen these conditions.

Refreshing and brightening, this eye gel contains a complex that delivers active levels of skin-improving ingredients. Formulated with 1% Algae Polysaccharide Complex, 1% Algae Complex and a blend of Peptides and Glycerin, the gel smoothes, plumps and hydrates the eye area.

Celebrities and experts alike swear by Augustinus Bader’s pricey but effective products, and its new face cream mask is another bestseller. Like the best-selling Rich Cream, this mask is designed to deeply hydrate skin, making it ideal as a night mask. It also comes with a metal applicator that you can use to spread it all over your face and do some scraping.

Aging skin as we know it requires ingredients tailored to boost collagen, elasticity and hydration. Replenix’s set of three trial-sized products — Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum, AOX Hydrating Cleanser, and Retinol Regenerating Dry Serum — tackles these skin concerns. It comes in a convenient cosmetic bag, making it a great choice for travel, gift giving, or both.

Futurewise is a new line from the founders of skincare brands Starface and Plus. Futurewise focuses on sagging skin products designed to prevent skin moisture loss and improve the absorption of skin care products. Occlusion is essential to any regular movement and the Slug Balm creates a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss.

Thumping isn’t just for face. This moisturizer helps lock in moisture near the skin, keeping it soft and moisturized. Plus, the moisturizer is infused with a plant-based retinol alternative to smooth skin’s texture.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in this resurfacing night cream gently exfoliate. Gentle glycolic and lactic acids also reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles as they work to free skin from dead skin cells.

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule present in all living organisms that supports cellular function. It’s also at the heart of Aramore’s skin care, which is backed by research at Harvard University’s Stem Cell Institute and Aramore’s co-founder Dr. Anna Mandinova. By harnessing cellular nutrients that make up the building blocks of NAD+, such as Niacinamide, it supports skin health and slows the signs of aging.

Micellar water is one of the best makeup removers, and this gentle formula wipes it away with ease. Keep it handy with a cotton swab under makeup to fix any mistakes, then take it all off with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water at the end of the day.

This new men’s skincare brand offers a simple four-step skincare regimen, starting with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. It uses mild acids to help avoid razor bumps and ingrown beard hairs, and refreshes and moisturizes skin with caffeine and glycerin.

Rodan + Fields recently launched its first hair care line, which includes this all-purpose (benzene-free) dry shampoo. It adds volume, absorbs excess oil, and leaves hair looking and feeling like new.

Ouai’s new anti-dandruff shampoo is made with salicylic acid, which helps control oil production in the scalp, thereby improving dandruff symptoms such as itching, flakiness and irritation. Unlike the clinical smell of other dandruff treatments, this shampoo has a nice herbal scent.

Winter weather can strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Hair masks save hair, and this one is especially good for conditioning, with argan oil and plant-based proteins to smooth and strengthen strands.

Hair Lab’s unique, affordable hair care system allows you to customize its shampoo and conditioner formulations, adding dosage sets to address specific concerns, such as boosting moisture, preventing breakage or rebalancing your scalp, or you can mix and match as needed. Simply pour each dose into your Hair Lab Shampoo and Conditioner, shake well and apply your personalized formula.

Celebrity hairstylist and Ulta Senior Vice President of Store and Service Operations Nick Stenson has used his industry knowledge to create his eponymous salon-quality hair care line. Moisturizing shampoo is a great choice for dry, cold winters as it restores moisture and keeps hair smooth, leaving it feeling brittle and dull. Follow with Hydrating Conditioner for complete treatment.

Perfect for those with wavy, curly or curly hair, this volumizing foam adds volume and hold while reducing frizz.

Indie fragrance house House of Bo produces some of my favorite fragrances. They all highlight natural ingredients working in harmony, and each bottle is handcrafted and assembled to reflect the high quality of the scents within. El Sireno, with aquatic notes of kelp, banana leaf, magnolia and ylang-ylang, is one of three new scents in the Tesoro range.

Menopause is making waves in the beauty world, and now that menopause skincare is a thing, so are menopause fragrances. This unique fragrance is designed to calm the mind and provide a moment of respite for those going through the hormonal changes of midlife. With violet leaves, mimosa, narcissus and hay, the herbaceous and floral aroma is complex, seductive and warm.

Inspired by calm water, this functional fragrance features notes of seaweed, salt, cardamom and rose. Combined, they evoke a refreshing feeling of being by the sea. You’ll want to inhale the feel (and smell) all day long.

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