The 20 Best Women’s Work Bags of 2023

Picking out a new outfit for work every day can be quite a headache, but if there’s anything that makes our mornings easier it’s a work bag you can trust to stand up to long commutes, meetings, mountains of paperwork etc. From stylish work bags that can be taken from the conference room to the bar, to functional work bags that keep all your papers (and packed lunches) safe and secure, there’s no shortage of work bags to choose from on the market – and in your day job made easy. We interviewed people who go to work every day about their favorite work bags from top brands like Beis, Cuyana, Frank & Oak, and Ted Baker, and you can shop them here.

Amazon PacSafe Women's Citysafe CX Backpack

Don’t sleep on a backpack that allows you to commute easily. “I love how versatile it is…and it’s easy to clean, so if there’s any spills, it’s easy to wipe up,” says clinical consultant Margaret Simonelli. “As an added bonus, it There is a cup holder for your morning tea.”

Cuyana Tall Easy Tote Underlined

“I was lost in the internet world of handbags and messenger bags when I finally found the perfect bag,” says Underscored senior lifestyle editor Rachel Lubitz. “Made of soft textured leather with two shoulder straps, a snap closure, enough room for my laptop and essentials but not the entire kitchen sink, it has been a dream of mine to carry around for the past few weeks .It feels regal, nothing fancy screams that you’re spending too much money, and I love the vibrant coral too.”

Underlined Louis Vuitton Neverfull Medium Tote

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is probably out of budget for most, but considering that “the LV Neverfull is the best,” says podiatrist Ashley Mosseri, it might be worth the splurge. “It fits everything, including my laptop, so the name fits perfectly, and it’s super sturdy so it doesn’t get dirty. It has a little pouch in it, and I also travel with it. It’s expensive, and I put Bought it as a gift, but it’s amazing. Definitely worth it.”

Amazon Ted Baker Bow Knot Bag

A functional work bag is a must, but bonus points for playful design. “This Ted Baker lunch bag is my go-to choice for work,” says Roxanne Stein, Administrative/Executive Assistant. “I use it every day as a lunch bag and as a tote. It’s roomy for a smaller bag and it’s easy to clean because of the material, but it’s also very, very beautiful.”

Underlined Cuyana Small Easy Zip Tote

“It can be hard to find a work bag that 1) fits a laptop, 2) has a zip top and 3) can be worn across the body, but Cuyana has managed to hit all three with its newly released Easy Zipper Tote,” says Chelsea Stone, Senior Editor, Underscored. “Best of all, this bag comes in three sizes, the leather is very smooth, and you can choose from a range of great colors. I chose the small size, and it still Fits my computer, purse and water bottle and more. ”

Underlined Beis The Convertible Mini Weekender

Whether in the office or on an overnight trip with colleagues, this professional bag is the perfect plus-one. “I love my Beis Convertible Mini Weekender bag for business travel,” says senior consultant Rachel Rappaport. “It’s the perfect carry-on size and easily doubles as a purse. I love the zippered compartment on the bottom for my work heels, and the wire frame opening makes it easy to see exactly what’s packed. Mine Little secret: For bigger trips, I just unzip the bottom and bring it on the plane as my purse. It’s the perfect ‘personal item’ size for most airlines.”

Underlined Lotuff Leather Small Tote

“I live in a small apartment in Boston, so everything in my closet needs to be able to do double, triple, quadruple duty,” says author and travel enthusiast Todd Plummer. “This tote has a durable crossbody strap that fits just enough for my laptop, notebooks and some paperwork, but is also great for taking on a plane, and doubles as a grocery bag if I have to do some shopping at the airport Used. Shop. It’s certainly an investment, but it’s made by a New England company that, in my opinion, makes leather that rivals any luxury brand.”

Nordstrom Timbuk2 Spire Backpack Underlined

With such a functional design, you’ll find yourself reaching for this bag every morning. “It’s the perfect bag,” says Geneviève Guertin, vice president of life sciences at a venture capital firm. “My laptop fits perfectly in it, you can tuck it under the seat on the plane, it can be used as a backpack, you can wash it in the washing machine.”

Underlined Frank & Oak The Skyline Tote

Down jackets are all the rage, but a down bag can add a wow factor to your work outfit. “As long as it’s been out, I’ve been following it,” said journalist Katelyn Thomas. “I’m obsessed with the quilted pattern and colors, and the fact that it’s stronger than a classic tote. It’s roomy, fits everything I need for work, and it’s made from sustainable materials, so it’s a no-brainer Guilty purchase.”

Amazon Rains tote bag craze

Thanks to this bag’s waterproof material and roomy interior, you’ll find yourself reaching for it every morning without hesitation. “I’ve been using the Rains bag for years after too many instances of snow in my tote near my work laptop,” says digital marketer Kendra Sharp. “It’s completely waterproof when zipped up , which means I can walk to work in the rain if I need to. It also lasted me for almost four years, so I would recommend it to anyone.”

Amazon Matt & Nat Essen Tote

To save your back – and your sanity – grab this sleek and roomy Matt & Nat backpack with wallet charm. “This backpack fits everything, so I don’t need to carry three bags,” says talent acquisition consultant Cassandra Chase. “It sits comfortably on my back so I don’t lean over, and it’s made of vegan leather.”

Amazon Coach Signature Zip Tote

Coach bags are making a comeback in serious fashion, and if they’re not part of your everyday work wardrobe, you’re missing out on all the convenience they offer. “I use a standard Coach tote. It has textured leather, so I just wipe it down to clean the outside,” says corporate attorney Kyra Tuwaig. “I love it because I can pull it up to close it and it fits my laptop. I got it as a gift when I first started working and I haven’t had to replace it since gone.”

Amazon Neewer 2-in-1 Convertible Camera Backpack with Wheels

Whether you’re working in the visual arts or traveling with a lot of gear, this Amazon’s Choice convertible bag is sure to come in handy. “We used to have four bags for cameras and drones, and this one is big enough for all my cameras and tripods,” says wedding photographer Peter Sawinski. “I can roll it on its wheels , or wear it as a backpack. Although I use it for photography, I also use it as a travel bag.”

Amazon Matt & Nat Noemi Tote

You can’t go wrong with this roomy tote, featuring a center compartment buckle, dual slip compartments, and an adjustable and detachable crossbody strap. “I got this a few years ago and use it every day for work,” said elementary school teacher Rachel Sheiner. “It’s still intact and it’s been cleaned really well.”

Underlined Mr Porter Porter Yoshida & Co Tanker 2-Way Nylon Tote

For a functional briefcase with the allure of a street bag, choose this statement tote. “I love it because it’s so versatile, I can fit all my essentials in it, and my bag isn’t too bulky,” says purchasing manager Claudine Grondin. “I also love the fabric and color because it’s a clever take on the shape of a classic tote.”

Saks Fifth Avenue Troubadour Embark Duffle Bag Underlined

When I conduct face-to-face interviews for articles, I’ll likely be running around the city afterwards. The bag’s lifesaver has thick, padded shoulder straps that don’t dig into my shoulders when it’s carrying everything from my laptop to my lunch to a change of clothes. It has several clever compartments that make it easy to keep my clutter organized.

Underlined Walmart Puma Evercat Contender Backpack

This one is more of a grower than a performer. From the get-go, it looks like your typical gym backpack, but it holds a surprising amount of stuff, from my laptop, to my portable Yeti Rambler, to the ones that inevitably start to freeze after a few hours at work. Extra sweatshirt. The exterior compartment is roomy enough to be used as its own bag, making the actual main compartment the cherry on top. I like that the back is well padded to not only protect my valuables but also my back, so I don’t necessarily need to make sure I put flat items last before wearing it.

Amazon Dreubea Faux Leather Tote Bag

With over 58,000 Amazon reviews, there’s nothing like this soft-hand tote. It has a large main compartment and a small side pocket for valuables, as well as a decorative tassel to make it look super chic. In a range of shades from apricot to gray-gray, it’s boardroom-friendly yet chic enough for a night on the town. At this price, you’ll want to buy one every day of the week.

Amazon Tomtoc 360 Laptop Protective Shoulder Bag

Gone are the days of worrying about whether your laptop will actually fit safely in your bag during your commute. Designed with military-grade protection, water-resistant fabric, and reinforced edges to absorb shock, this best-selling laptop bag shoulder bag has over 13,000 Amazon reviews, making it an all-around smart investment.

Amazon Newhey Men's Messenger Bag

Crafted from refined waterproof waxed canvas and cowhide, this utilitarian messenger bag has nearly 13,000 Amazon reviews and evokes the nostalgic aesthetic of the paper delivery man while being equipped with all the updates of a modern work bag. It features adjustable and detachable shoulder straps for a personalized fit, magnetic snap closures to secure your belongings with ease, and a padded sleeve to protect your laptop up to 15.6 inches.

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