Texas A&M scores against Miami, takeaway: No. 24 Aggies clinch crucial rebound win over No. 13 crutches

Do not. 24 Texas A&M Miami played a sloppy but tough game in front of the 12th man at Kyle Field on Saturday night the 13th. The Aggies scored just seven points in the second half for a 17-9 win as the Hurricanes steadied three field goals after repeatedly failing to find the end zone. In doing so, Miami lost its eighth straight nonconference game to a top-five opponent.

Texas A&M needs a rebound win after a shocking loss to Appalachian State last week, and they are also in the midst of a quarterback transition from Haynes King to Max Johnson. The idea was to limit turnovers, and the Aggies still had no turnovers when wrestling at the bottom of a pile despite a punt by Ainias Smith late in the fourth quarter. That allows Texas A&M to carve out crucial time for the win.

Devon Acane was the star of the night for the Aggies. The running back made a big statement from the locker room after rushing for 88 yards on 18 carries and a key 25-yard touchdown in traffic early in the third quarter.

A big factor in the second half was Johnson’s ability as a runner. The LSU move was his first start at Texas A&M, rushing for 26 sack-adjusted yards in the third quarter and taking the pressure off Acane in the process. That loosened up Miami’s defense, keeping it honest, while leaving some wiggle room for Texas A&M’s other offensive weapons. Johnson wasn’t as mobile as King, but he was a run-up man who added enough passes to his passing game, going 10-of-20 for 140 yards and a touchdown against Akon.

The special-team issue cost the Hurricanes more scoring opportunities and changed the complexity of their final blow in the fourth quarter. Texas A&M’s Albert Regis got up on a field goal attempt from Miami’s Andres Boregarez midway through the second quarter to block what should have been a 36-yard field goal to make the score 10-6. It was a quarter after Canes returner Tyrique Stevenson attempted to pick up a bouncing punt, only to be ejected and sealed at the 28-yard line. Texas A&M moved 28 yards in three games, culminating with a 1-yard touchdown by LJ Johnson Jr.

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