Tech company develops shoes that let you walk at the speed of running | Tech News

A robotics company claims to have made the world’s “fastest shoe” that can make you walk three times faster.

Called Moonwalkers, they look like futuristic roller skates, but don’t require the wearer to balance, as they do when they walk normally.

Once they’re strapped to your feet, tiny electric motors power eight wheels, propelling you at speeds of up to 7 mph.

made of shift robotFive years ago, the founder Zhang Xunjie came up with this idea after he was almost hit by a car and decided to walk to work.

But to “enhance” the journey, he used his experience as a jet propulsion engineer to find faster ways.

Zhang and his team developed a motor controller, a precision gearbox, and a battery pack that were all minimized to fit a moonwalker.

But the real innovation lies in the inclusion of artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze and adapt to the user’s gait, making the moonwalker an “extension of the human leg.”

The shoe can be fully charged in 90 minutes and has a range of 6.5 miles.

In a promotional video Shift Robotics says: “The Moonwalker starts in lock mode, where our electronic brakes fully lock the wheels.

“To enter shift mode, in which you walk at a running pace, lift your right heel up, then rotate your left leg clockwise while keeping your toes on the ground.

“To get back into lock mode, raise your right heel as usual and get back to the ground. Now you’re ready to take the stairs, the bus, the train, or whatever you don’t want to run.”

Moonwalkers are expected to cost $1,399 (£1,213) when they go on sale next year, but are cheaper on Shift crowdfunding page, which has raised over £99,000 so far.

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