Syracuse mayor backs Hocher, Zelding gets new cop nod

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is a political independent who supports the Democratic governor. Kathy Hochul was elected to a full term on Thursday.

Hocher’s Republican opponent, Lizelding, won the backing of another law enforcement group on the same day.

The New York gubernatorial race is in its final weeks, with both candidates seeking to highlight their strengths, with early voting set to begin in the coming days.

Walsh, who was first elected mayor in 2017, said Hocher has always cared about his city.

“From her time at Syracuse University to her tenure as lieutenant governor, she has a solid understanding of our city. It’s not something I take for granted,” Walsh said. “From taking action on our public safety concerns to providing state support for economic development initiatives, Governor Hocher has been a reliable partner in Syracuse. I am pleased to support Governor Hocher throughout his term and look forward to continuing our The collaboration strengthens Syracuse and New York as a whole.”

Meanwhile, Zeldin has the support of the New York City Sheriffs’ Charity Association, the fifth-largest police organization in the country. Zeldin tried to highlight public safety and crime concerns during his run for governor. He won the support of 25 law enforcement groups during his campaign.

“We are living in a period of instability with little or no support from political establishments at all levels of government,” said Vincent Vallelong, the group’s president. Zeldin has never wavered in his commitment to law enforcement. Support, even when it seems to his advantage to do so. He was steadfast on legislative priorities and made clear that nothing is more important than public safety. “

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