Student Technology Conference in Montgomery

Montgomery, Alabama. (WSFA) – The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) hosted a technical conference at the Multiplex in Cramton Bowl for students interested in the industry.

NANOG’s program NANOG U has been offered nationwide every fall and spring since 2019.

Edward McNair, executive director of NANOG, said it was a great way to get students interested in the ever-evolving world of technology.

“There is no one way, there are multiple ways to get in,” McNair said.

One attendee, Wohlford and Co. CEO Jason Wohlford, said Montgomery has a lot to offer.

“Air Force IT is located here. We have the seat of government in Alabama. We have a huge need for technology, and it’s a way that students can get into and connect with the industries they will eventually work in,” Wolford said.

“We’re working hard to attract and focus on getting more young people involved in careers in tech. Our motto is ‘working together to build the internet of tomorrow,'” McNair said.

The guests heard from a number of panelists who have been successful in the industry.

“I’m very thankful for the women’s group today. We have people from Mozilla in charge of global policy,” Wolford said.

“I think it’s for perspective. I think they can see that it’s not as scary as they think, but it’s definitely approachable,” McNair said.

Tuesday is the last day students can join NANOG U.

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