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Anyone who has ever tightened a soft bra strap, pulled an underwire, or, cringe, take a deep breath only to find a strap that’s too tight, well, they know the pain of a bra that doesn’t fit. While there are thousands of bras available on the market—all of which promise comfort, support, sexiness, and countless other selling points—only a handful actually deliver on those promises.

Which brings me to Skims’ latest innovation: the lingerie brand founded by Kim Kardashian recently dropped a “bra solutions system” that had been three years in the making. Skims, which claim to offer incredible support and optimal shape while “feeling like you’re wearing nothing”, have launched a new range of bra styles to complement the comfort bras they’ve been known for since the brand’s first launch. (Side note: I love the Skims Fits Everybody Triangle Bralette, and could write a whole story on why I just love this style, but mostly you need to know it’s supportive, comfortable, and sexy all at the same time, and I wear it every day Wearing it 24/7…even when I’m sleeping.)

“Guys, this is the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear,” Kardashian said in an official bra trailer posted on YouTube. “I’ve always found bras to be uncomfortable and tight, and they were the first thing I took off when I got home. We started developing an underwire bra because I really wanted to figure out how to combine comfort and ease of use.” Sex meets the shape and support of an underwire bra.”

To achieve this, Skims conducted a year of fit trials and wear tests, having women of all shapes and sizes wring their bras. Kardashian said: “The feedback we’ve had has shown that there really is a bra style here for every need, every body type, because you can imagine it.”

As you all know, I’m a fan of Skims’ ever-expanding line of merchandise. From swimwear to all-time Fendi collaborations, I’m not only impressed by the exact sizing, fit and Instagram fit, but most importantly, the quality. But while previous Skims underwear were more of a comfortable option, with the latest launch, Kardashian is entering the “serious bra” world. How did they persevere?

Featuring unlined, molded cups, this silk mesh collection comes in two styles: balconies and demi cups.

These ultra-comfortable bras are designed to fit like a second skin. Choose from four styles: a longer line, overhead scoop and plunging bra, and a regular plunging and plunging bra with a more traditional back closure.

Cut in a half-round and scoop cut, this lightweight bra features 3D woven ‘foam’ cups for lift and shape.

I tested the No Show Molded Unlined Demi Bra ($58) in sizes 32A to 44F. The bra is feather-light and whisper-thin, proving that Kardashian wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted it to look like she’s wearing nothing. IRL, when holding a raw-edged mesh bra, it actually looks and feels like stockings. When I put it on, I have to say it didn’t feel like any other bra I’ve tried. Like most women, I’ve covered my breasts with padded or lined bras for decades to avoid slipping through the cracks, so when I put on this fully sheer and unlined bra, my thoughts Kind of a shock actually. It totally liberated me and made me feel like a 90s supermodel.

Concealed Molded Unlined Demi Bra

After testing the bra for over a month, I can say I’m still obsessed with it. It’s super sexy and gives off a braless look under clothing – you can see the nipples’ outline through the thinner material, so keep that in mind when you’re considering a purchase! Best of all, it offers ample support with a comfortable underwire and an accurate fit with zero gaps or pinching. I also love the seamless nature of the fabric, which has an invisible edge that appears to lie completely flat against your skin.One of the disadvantages: silk shoulder straps (I Love) may become a little loose after wearing them all day and usually needs to be tightened.

One of our reviewers also tested the Naked Plunge Tank Bra ($58), a wireless, full-coverage option available in sizes XXS through 5X. A second skin bra made from a nylon-spandex blend is also incredibly supportive, even for larger busts. “I have a Large DD and found it to be a good fit,” says our reviewer. “The bra itself is stretchy, so it’s acceptable size-wise, but I find it just the right amount of comfort without being suffocating. I’ve largely refused to wear underwire since before the pandemic, so for the past few years, I tried a lot of Or a wireless pullover bra. The main problem with most of these bras is that they don’t have enough support for people with larger busts – Skims don’t have that problem. I found this bra to be super supportive and smooth, not to mention very comfortable. Beyond that, she found that the bra created just the right amount of cleavage, and the wide shoulder straps were not only comfortable, but also invisible under clothing.

Naked Deep V Tank Bra

A third reviewer was able to test the Naked Scoop Bra ($44) for us and declared it “one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever tried.” Available in sizes XXS to 5X, this full-coverage wireless bra is soft and rich Elasticized with adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye closures. “It’s much more comfortable than the underwire bras I own,” she says. “It’s like a cross between a bra, a sports bra, and a traditional bra. It’s light like a bra, simple and supportive like a sports bra, and built like a traditional bra. It also has slightly wider straps than a traditional bra.” , adding some extra support.” What about the negative? Our reviewers didn’t spot it! She even added that she wanted the style in multiple colors.

nude bra

The two bras we tested — a Naked style and a Weightless style — had frayed seams that irritated our skin. While this may have been a one-off design flaw, in both cases we stopped wearing bras because of the discomfort.

The Naked Plunge Tanks reviewer, while a big fan of the bra, did note that the bra’s conservative cut would preclude lighter tops, and that the bottom of the tank top tended to roll up a bit, requiring her to pull it down throughout the day.

Naked Plunge Bra in Onyx.jpg


When it comes to fit, comfort and design, Skims reign supreme. The wireless and underwire bra options we tested proved to be incredibly supportive, even for larger busts. Speaking of, we’re here for size inclusivity! From XXS to 5X, from 32A to 44F, Skims has options for every body type.

When it comes to caching, the brand beats the competition handily. With 4.5 million Instagram followers — not to mention Kardashian’s 333 million — Skims whips up a frenzy of excitement with every new product launch, with plenty of sneak peeks and previews. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an item, the hype can build, especially when it comes to sex appeal. Whether you’re wearing a soft tank bra or a fully sheer balconette bra, you’ll feel the brand’s provocative joie de vivre, and it’s worth the price of admission.

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