Single ticket wins $754 million Powerball jackpot – but prize remains unclaimed | US News

A ticket holder has won an estimated $754.6 million (£623.4 million) in the US Powerball jackpot but has yet to claim his prize.

The pot became the ninth-largest pot in U.S. history after a winless streak since November, which added to the total to Monday night’s win.

Washington State Lottery officials said the ticket was sold Sunday at a department store in Auburn, 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Seattle. It will take home a prize of $50,000 (£41,000).

The six winning numbers were 5, 11, 22, 23, 69 and finally the Powerball 7.

Winners must claim within 180 days or risk losing their cash.

The odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292.2 million.

The game is designed to attract a fixed number of players to earn great cash prizes – although these rewards often go unclaimed.

Recent unclaimed jackpots include one owed to a ticket holder in Maine who won January’s Mega Millions jackpot is $1.35bn (£1.1bn)and a The $2.04bn (£1.98bn) Powerball jackpot hit last November in California.

Monday’s winner has two options: choose a lump sum of $407.2 million (before taxes) or choose an annuity.

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That means the money will be distributed as part of an immediate payment, followed by additional payments at the rate of 5% per year for the next 29 years.

The next Powerball draw is scheduled for Wednesday, and the estimated jackpot is a relatively modest $20 million.

UK’s biggest ever lottery jackpot is £195 million EuroMillions to be won in July 2022.

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