Scoliosis Barbie debuts as toy firm aims to highlight ‘power of representation’ | UK News

A Barbie doll maker has made history with the release of the first scoliosis doll.

The toy company’s line of designs for Barbie’s sister, Chelsea, will be adding a new product featuring a curved spine and a removable back support designed to normalize the device and encourage kids to celebrate inclusion.

team in Mattel Working closely with Dr. Luke Macyszyn, a board-certified neurosurgeon and specialist in children with complex spinal disorders, he advised the designers throughout the doll’s development.

The 15cm doll wears a pink dress with removable green suspenders, white shoes and brown hair combed in waves.

celebrate inclusivity

Lisa McKnight, executive vice president and global head of Mattel Barbie, said: “We believe in the power of representation and are committed to creating dolls in a variety of looks so kids can see them in Barbie. Myself – now celebrating Barbie’s sister Chelsea’s line”.

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The Chelsea doll has a removable carrier that allows children to be more “reflective” on the world around them.

Barbie doll with scoliosis unveiled. Figure: PA
Barbie doll with scoliosis unveiled. Figure: PA

To create dialogue, McKnight added: “Our Chelsea series offers an infinite number of ways to spark storytelling while giving children a way to develop their empathy and social processing skills through play with dolls.” method.”

After being criticized in the past for making dolls that were too thin and too sexy, the company has now Create a more diverse rangebut some of them have also sparked controversy.

Some of these dolls include: wheelchair doll, plus size, hooded, and sign language doll.

In 2022, the company will also release the first Barbie doll with hearing aids — a Strictly Come Sing winner Rose Erin-Ellis.

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