Scarborough’s New Year’s fireworks canceled to protect Thor walrus | UK news

A seaside town’s New Year’s fireworks display has been canceled following the advice of wildlife experts due to the presence of a stray walrus.

It is believed that this mammal, later called Thor, popped up in scarborough Friday afternoon in North Yorkshire.

It is widely believed that Arctic sea elephants are resting during their journey north.

He was previously found in Hampshire coastline Among sightings as far away as Brittany, France, last month.

Thor rests on cobblestones in Hampshire after weeks criss-crossing Europe
Photos of Thor resting on the Hampshire coastline last month

Scarborough Borough Council has canceled the town’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display following advice from Divers Sea Life UK.

Its experts expressed concern that the loud explosion and bright flash would cause “pain” to Thor.

They had previously asked people not to disturb the creature and a cordon had been put in place.

The unusual visitor drew huge crowds.

They are said to have witnessed some playful behavior.

RSPCA Inspector Geoff Edmond has determined that the walrus does not appear to be ill or injured, and he encourages people to enjoy the sight from a respectful distance.

He said: “We understand that having a walrus temporarily home is exciting and unusual, however it is in his best interest to leave him alone as much as possible so we ask people to remember he is a wild animal and avoid approaching and disturbing him. his temptation.

“We would also like to remind everyone that walruses are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, therefore it may be an offense to disturb the animal.”

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