Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart helps kids escape Nashville school shooting | US News

Actor Melissa Joan Hart helped children escape the gunman who killed six at a Nashville school.

The 46-year-old, best known for his starring role in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” led a group of “little kids” across a busy road near the set.

“They crawled out of the woods. They tried to escape the school shooting,” she said in an emotional video on Instagram.

Her children’s school in Nashville is near a private Christian school The 28-year-old continues to kill on Monday.

She said she was at a parent-teacher conference with her husband when they encountered the runaway child.

“We helped all these little kids cross the street and find their teachers … we helped a mother reunite with her child,” she said.

“I no longer just don’t know what to say,” she added.

“Enough is enough. Just praying. Praying for the family.”

three childrenall nine and three adult staff were killed by then-Audrey Hale shot by police.

Covenant School children hold hands as they are taken to another area to be reunited with their parents
Covenant School children hold hands as they are led to reunite with parents

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She said it was the second time her family has been close to a school shooting since they used to live near Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where the gunman killed 26 people in 2012.

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