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On the UK’s annual list of the most popular TikToks, a young couple found love after a swooning barista invited customers out via a latte froth feature.

Sophie Hosking served the “lovely” Mexican customer at Edinburgh coffee shop Grams for about a year before taking the plunge, writing him a message on top of his regular order.

It’s the latest in a string of fun designs she’s been working on over the past few months, as she steadily worked up the courage to write “your lovely” calligraphy (with love) on May 23.

“Fortunately for me, he drinks a milk latte, which is the easiest type of coffee to make latte art,” she told Sky News.

“However, the actual coffee in the video was definitely a spur-of-the-moment decision.

“Work was quieter that day so I had time to make it perfect!”

Marco was “a bit shy” after receiving the caffeinated compliment, but thought it was sweet, and snapped a photo before Sophie revealed she had filmed the whole thing.

He agreed to stay on TikTok, and after seven months it had 60.2 million views and their relationship grew stronger — the couple was at the World Cup, Sophie was with Marco’s family and learning Spanish.

“I hope anyone watching TikTok can see that with a little confidence, amazing things can happen,” she said.

The only downside is that this relationship outlasts the Grams themselves, because living cost The crisis forced it to permanently close its doors later this month.

UK’s most popular TikTok of the year

But who needs love when you can expertly remove horseshoes?

That’s exactly what professional farrier Sam Dracott did, taking the UK’s most popular TikTok of the year crown for his bizarre but satisfying video of cleaning the hooves of one of his steeds process.

He told Sky News: “Videos of my day-to-day work have amassed over 270 million views and it’s an amazing and surreal feeling.

“Equestrianism is a centuries-old industry, so it’s incredible that people are so interested in videos of me shoehorning horses.”

Popular comments suggest that people find it quite relaxing to watch, and Mr. Dracot believes TikTok’s habit of teaching people new things also plays a role in the video’s success.

He said: “I get a lot of messages asking how I got into my trade, how does one become a horseshoe, what qualifications do I get. It’s a very physical profession and it takes a lot of skill and patience to master it. craft, but equally the most satisfying and rewarding work.”

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

Mom’s Sepsis Recovery (244.1 million views)

Mother-of-two Sadie, 35, from Peterborough, has been documenting her recovery from sepsis.

All of her videos are better than the saucy clip of her imitating a great white shark with her left hand — a perfect take on the movie’s iconic theme.

Impeccable Paintwork (195m views)

Like removing the horseshoe, this one could be classified as “very satisfactory.”

It demonstrates the impressively precise process of painting road signs – in this case a handicapped parking space – and as the top comment puts it, “one sneeze can ruin everything”.

Shark Encounter (128.1 million views)

Jeremy Lynch, who probably has the highest production value of any video on this list, used TikTok’s editing suite to crash his own Billie Eilish music video with a shark.

Expert transformations took him from the comfort of his bed to the dark underwater and back again.

Perfect Shave (120m views)

Barber Elliot Forbes became famous by showing off his male grooming skills.

The entire treatment — from shaving to aftershave — was documented in just 52 seconds.

Heavenly Homemade Cheesecake (115m view)

Eloise Head, aka Fitwaffle, has become one of the most popular bakers on Instagram and TikTok — and this Kinder cheesecake recipe makes it easy to see why.

Just don’t ask for the calorie count.

How to Cook a Steak (96 million views)

If you’re looking for something savory before your Fitwaffle’s cheesecake, culinary duo Men With The Pot from Northern Ireland may have the answer.

All you need are the right ingredients, the perfect rustic cookware, and an unfairly photogenic backdrop.

In Our Stomachs (76.4 million views)

Continuing with the food theme, we’re sure we all relate to Adrian Bliss’ skit showing our stomachs at dessert time.

Cupcakes are never too filling.

Deafening singing (60.7 million views)

Perhaps the most wholesome video on the list is Dr. Lavannya wowing her family with a performance by her Indian singing group, the Nooran Sisters.

Singing out loud when her relatives least expect it, her father’s face is an absolute treat.

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