Putin says he’s ready to ‘negotiate with all concerned’ over Ukraine

Russia is ready to resume gas supplies to Europe via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, which was previously shut down for political reasons, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told Russian state news agency TASS on Sunday.

“As the gas shortage persists, the European market remains important and we have every chance to restore supply. For example, the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which was stopped for political reasons, remains unused,” Novak said.

According to TASS news agency, Novak said that the demand for natural gas in Europe is increasing.

“Today, we can confidently say that there is demand for our gas. We therefore continue to see Europe as a potential market for our product sales. It was clear that there was a massive campaign against us, culminating in the acquisition of Nord Stream The vandalism is over,” he said.

More background: Russia has been locked in an energy standoff with Europe since it invaded Ukraine in February.

In May, just 44 hours after Ukraine cut gas flows into Europe through its territory, citing Russian military interference, Gazprom halted gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline through Poland and halted shipments to Distributors in Germany deliver natural gas. Gazprom was forced to suspend supplies due to sanctions imposed on its parent company, EuRoPol GAZ, state news agency RIA Novosti reported.

Tass news agency reported that in December last year, the supply of natural gas from the West-East Gas Pipeline from Germany to Poland was also temporarily stopped and “dropped to zero”.

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