Provalus Opens New Technology Innovation Center in Historic Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Provalus’ latest business will bring more than 200 new technology jobs Cherokee County

Talquah, Oklahoma., September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Provalus announces its fourth technology innovation center in Talquah, Oklahoma, the capital city of the Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee Indians United Kitua Band. As Optomi Professional Services’ solutions and managed services brand, Provalus will bring new employment opportunities to the region in the form of technical and support positions. The project is expected to have an economic impact of millions of dollars in local communities over the next five years.

cherokee nation chief chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. Commenting: “Provalus’ focus on bringing jobs and opportunity to rural America and restoring downtown infrastructure is the same principle we take very seriously in the Cherokee Nation. That’s why we knew early on that we had to ensure options Provalus Talquah, our capital, as their newest location. To be a valued partner, Cherokee Nation is purchasing the 12,000-square-foot Foundry building in the city center and leasing it to the Tahlequah Development Authority for sustainable use by Provalus.We believe Provalus and this investment are beneficial Talquah, the region and our citizens. We look forward to seeing the many ways our capital city can thrive from this investment. “

Laura Knightthe President of Provalus commented, “Oklahoma and city Talquah Really embraced the technology and recognized what that means for creating a tech population in the region. Between local talent, students graduating from the Career Technology Center program, and NSU, we feel we have a community and talent pool that identifies career paths and opportunities in technology. “

The entire Provalus team appreciates the cooperation and hard work to secure a relationship with this community located in the foothills of the Ozarks.When addressing the reasons for Provalus selection Talquah, OklahomaVice President of Facilities at Provalus, Ruzic Say, “Talquah It varies from person to person. When we experience how powerful the partnership between all the entities here is, we know this will be a community we can call home. Our business is about collaboration, partnership and innovation. All the attributes that make our business successful are here.We look forward to working with the people Talquah Influence the revitalization of this community. “

Provalus promotes underemployed individuals by providing technical, business and support positions to America’s untapped talent. By upskilling native U.S. talent, Provalus is able to provide wealth public companies with the reliable, high-quality and practical services they need. It focuses on professional services including business process optimization, infrastructure operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and application and ITO support.

Nathan Reed, Tahlequah Regional Development Authority President/CEO commented,

“The Tahlequah Regional Development Authority is delighted to welcome Provalus to our community. We are very pleased that Provalus has chosen Talquah And thank them for considering and choosing our community to invest in.They will bring more than 200 high-paying, stable jobs Talquah City Center in the next few years. The influx of new jobs in downtown areas will continue to strengthen communities and provide opportunities for local’s a huge win Talquah and surrounding areas as we want to continue to grow our community and provide opportunities to improve local quality. “

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About the PROVALUS brand of OPTOMI Professional Services:

We hire and develop the best and brightest undiscovered talent in our small towns and rural communities to deliver exceptional experiences for our technology clients and end users. Provalus specializes in professional services including business process optimization, infrastructure operations (HD, IAM, NOC, SOC) and application and ITO support services that compete head-to-head with offshoring. By creating opportunities where they don’t; partnering with companies that believe in America’s future, Provalus is developing a great workforce. We provide wealth public companies with the reliable, high-quality, and practical service they need…straight from the heart of America.We Deliberately Sabotage… Provide Outsourced Value from the U.S.

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