Priscilla Presley challenges ‘validity’ of daughter Lisa Marie’s will | US News

Priscilla Presley has launched a legal challenge to the “validity and truthfulness” of her daughter Lisa Marie’s will amendment.

In a court filing, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife contested an amendment to the Lisa Marie Living Trust that would have replaced Priscilla as overseer of her daughter’s estate.

A living trust is a form of estate planning that allows a person to control their assets while they are alive but distribute them if they die, and it can function as a will if there is no separate will.

Lisa Marie, only daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla, Died January 12 at the age of 54. She is buried at her father’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Attorneys for Priscilla Presley argued that there are “many questions surrounding authenticity and validity” of the will amendment.

They are said to have misspelled Priscilla’s name on a document purportedly signed by her daughter and failed to notify her of the change.

Another issue, the attorney said, was that Lisa Marie’s signature was “inconsistent with her usual and customary signature.”

Lisa Marie Presley and daughter Riley Keogh. Image: @rileykeough
Lisa Marie Presley pictured with her daughter Riley Keough. Image: @rileykeough

Court documents in Los Angeles state that Priscilla Presley and former business manager Barry Siegel were appointed to run the living trust in 1993 and reaffirmed in 2010.

It also said Priscilla Presley discovered a document related to the March 11, 2016 Trust Fund Amendment.

It said the “purported” amendments replaced her and Mr Siegel as current and successor trustees and named Lisa Marie’s children, Riley Keaf and Benjamin Kiaf, after their mother’s death as the “successor co-trustees of the trust”.

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On February 5, 1968, Lisa Marie Presley took her first photograph safely in her mother Priscilla's lap while proud father Al Elvis Presley applauded. The baby is the first child of Elvis Presley and his wife, the former Priscilla Beaulieu.  (AP Photo/Perry Aycock)
Lisa Marie Presley with her mother Priscilla and Elvis Presley.Photo: Associated Press

The filing said Mr. Siegel had already intended to resign from his role, which would make Priscilla Presley and Ms. Keogh co-trustees.

Benjamin Keough took his own life in 2020 at the age of 27. His younger sister Riley, 33, is an actress.

Lisa Marie was 9 years old when her father, Elvis Presley, died in August 1977 at the age of 42.

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