Police say Kansas man died after being shot by dog ​​in truck |

A man has died after a dog stepped on a rifle and shot him from the back of a truck in the US state of Kansas.

The victim, who police have not named, was found sitting in the front passenger seat with a bullet in the back.

Emergency services were called and the 30-year-old underwent CPR, but he could not be rescued and died at the scene near Geuda Springs.

Wellington Fire Service Commissioner Tim Hay said another person was found in the driver’s seat and was not injured.

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Officials added that the accident appeared to be related to hunting, with supplies found in the back of the vehicle.

“A dog belonging to the owner of the pickup truck stepped on the rifle, causing the weapon to fire,” the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to local media.

“The fired bullet hit the passenger and he died from his injuries at the scene.

“The investigation is ongoing, but preliminary investigations indicate that this was a hunting-related incident.”

The owners of the truck and dog are not yet known, and the investigation is ongoing.

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