Podcast: CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso vs. Baltimore Ravens.Buffalo Bills

What’s wrong with everyone? The pod is back this week for the fourth (!) unprecedented time, and the guys wrap up this absolutely rich content with a preview pod for this week’s upcoming game. It’s a big game, so we decided to bring in the big guns and have Jack sit down with CBS Sports’ Chris Trappaso (@ChrisTrappaso) to break the game.

Traps covers both the NFL draft and young players, but is essentially a member of the Bills Mafia, and as such, is a perfect blend of X and O knowledge, and an understanding of the big storyline to trace the way into this game. We really appreciate the half hour or so he gave Jake, and we really hope you enjoy this as the culmination of an unprecedented week of content on podcasts. If you missed the episodes earlier this week, first Jonathan Ogden, then Glenn Clark, and then Pats movie reviews starring Spenny and Cole, come back and check these out. We’ll be talking to you again soon!




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