Pit bull puppy who bit owner’s toe to the bone may have saved his leg | UK News

A retired construction worker has told how his dog saved his leg – biting his toe ‘to the bone’ while he was asleep.

David Lindsay was taking a nap on the couch when his wife’s screams woke him up.

He looked down and saw that his seven-month-old pit bull had been nibbling at his foot so much that he had a broken toe and was covered in blood.

However, in a strange turn of events, it turns out that Harley the Dog is an unlikely hero.

The 64-year-old father-of-five told Wales Online: “I was falling asleep on the couch when my wife walked in and yelled, ‘Dave, the puppy is biting your toe!’

“My puppy almost bit off my big toe.

“It crushed the bones. But because of all this, I found my feet were completely numb and I couldn’t feel anything.”

After being taken to hospital, doctors told him he had lost feeling in his feet due to blockage of two arteries in his legs.

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He was warned he risked losing his leg if his blood supply was not returned.

Specialists are now looking at whether he could have a stent fitted to open up the artery and allow blood to flow back into his leg.

David, from Cambridge, added: “You have to laugh about it. He did me a favor by biting my toe.

“So I’m waiting to see if they can put the brace in. I’ll keep the dog. I’ll try to keep my toe as well, but if that doesn’t work, I tell the doctor to cut it off and I can take it home for him !”

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