Niagara Falls man kills cyclist in crash

Bail was set on Tuesday at $5,000 for a Niagara Falls man charged with a hit-and-run accident last month that killed a cyclist, Lewiston police reported.

David P. Draper, 59, was arraigned by Lewiston Township Judge Thomas J. Sheeran for leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident, which is D. Class felony. He is scheduled to return to court in October. 19.

Draper turned himself in to authorities on September 18, police said. According to reports, the 11th after fleeing the scene of the accident on Lewiston Road in the extension of Creek Road, Lewiston Township, at 1:54 a.m. that day. Barry C. Tierney, a 61-year-old victim of Newfern, died at the scene.

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