NFL 2022 Week 3 odds, pro picks and betting insights including Bills-Dolphins and Chiefs-Coloks

Week 3 kicks off on Sunday and the betting lines are changing. More losers are looking to bite and offer loser bettors extra bonus or winning bets, not just for spread (ATS) bets. But most NFL public bettors still prefer to watch and bet on the favorites and top-ranked teams, and against the “bad” teams.

This week, public attention was high for the Chiefs, Ravens, Hawks, Bills and Bengals.

BetMGM also reported that the top betting teams in Week 3 were the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens and Bengals, all away favorites.

Kansas City in Indianapolis

Caesars Sportsbook noted that the undefeated Chiefs (-5.5) had the widest spread in their Week 3 game against the undefeated Colts in Indianapolis.

The betting line was as high as -7 for the Chiefs earlier in the week, but now Kansas City is a 5.5-point favorite. Although the Chiefs received more than twice as much money (handled) as any other team in Sunday’s Week 3 game.

“It’s definitely been one of our biggest decisions this week, if not the biggest,” said Adam Pullen, assistant director of trading for Caesars Sportsbook. “The public has seen the Chiefs look good and the Colts look bad, so they’ve been watching the Chiefs.”

Some major comebacks and upsets last week brought more exciting finishes to the NFL, including the Jets’ 31-30 victory over the Browns and overcoming a 13-point deficit in the final two minutes. The Cardinals reversed a 23-7 fourth quarter in Las Vegas to beat the Raiders 29-23 in overtime. The Dolphins outscored the Ravens 42-38 in Baltimore, including a stunning comeback from a 35-14 fourth-quarter deficit.

Buffalo in Miami

It’s Week 3 Miami-Buffalo’s first-place matchup in the AFC East. I provide Bills-Dolphins previews for sports betting news site TheLines and add other NFL game previews. This includes odds, stats, head-to-head, sides, totals and prop bets to consider.

Additionally, sports betting contacts and respected handicap players Bob Stoll or Dr. Bob Sports sent some additional stats and information and spread (ATS) data, including 87-23 ATS (79%) cases, Support Miami as a good offense at home to play a stronger defensive team at home. Additionally, since 1980, teams with 31 or more points in consecutive games (like the Bills) have an ATS of only 19-55.

The Dolphins are the recommended game for +6 and bets are reduced to +5. Bill is now down to -4.5 at leading sportsbooks FanDuel and DraftKings, despite taking more wagers and public money. Respected bettors and money have made their way into the Dolphins.

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Additional game insights from Dr. Bills-Dolphins. Bob includes:

  • The Heat’s offense got off to a solid start, with wide receivers creating all sorts of problems for the defense to fix. Tyreek Hill (284 yards) and Jalen Waddle (240 yards) currently rank first and third in receiving yards, respectively.
  • Waddell had 73 receiving yards on the Go route last Sunday, more than he had all season last season (43). Hill had 108 receiving yards on the Go route in Week 2, which is 76% of his 2021 Go route yardage (147) in one game. Waddle has 116 yards on catch (2nd) this season and Hill has 104 yards on catch (3rd).
  • Buffalo’s defense leads the league with 93 percent of the paint, but it works because two all-career safety players cover the inexperienced cornerback. However, Micah Hyde (neck) and Jordan Poyer (foot) were hit, which could be disastrous compared to the Dolphins’ speed. Additionally, starting CB Dane Jackson (neck) will now be joined by starting CB Tre’Davious White on the sidelines, giving the Bills two rookie cornerbacks against Hill and Waddle.
  • Miami’s new offensive left tackle, Troon Armstead, has only allowed three quarterbacks to press on 88 pass interceptions this year.
  • Josh Allen is averaging 8.4 yards per pass. Stephen Diggs finished with 12 catches for 142 yards and three TDs in the Bills’ 41-7 win over the Titans last Monday night. However, in two games against the Dolphins last season, Diggs only had 6.7 yards per target, thanks in large part to Miami Pro Bowl cornerback Xavien Howard.

Follow NFL Week 3 injury reports and check out other NFL Week 3 loser picks from verified pros. Sportsbooks are counting on more underdogs to eliminate the public’s top picks for hot favorites.

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