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Newly released CCTV footage has captured the final minutes of a man who “suffocated to death” after up to 10 police and paramedics appeared to sit on top of him for 12 minutes.

Irvo Otieno, 28, was handcuffed and chained to his ankles in the video filmed on March 6 VirginiaCentral State Hospital.

Footage shows police dragging Mr Otieno into an admission room at 4:28 p.m. and forcing him to lie on the floor, where they restrained him.

FILE PHOTO: A portrait of Irvo Otieno, who was killed in an confrontation with law enforcement in Petersburg, in this handout image released March 16, 2023, at an unknown location.  Ben Crump Law/Handout via Reuters This photo was provided by a third party party. Resale profile/file photo

Twelve minutes later, at 4.40pm, Mr Otieno appeared unresponsive and began chest compressions two minutes later.

Emergency services arrived at 5.48pm before a medical technician draped a white sheet over him, appearing to have used a defibrillator.

Seven Virginia sheriff’s deputies and three hospital workers have been charged with murder.

Mr Otieno’s mother said her son was “treated like a dog, worse than a dog”.

“These nine men and one woman murdered my son,” said Caroline Ocke.

Mr Otieno’s brother described his death as a “tragic, senseless and inhuman nightmare”.

“Can someone explain to me why my brother is not here now? Can someone explain to me why my mother can’t sleep or eat,” he said.

“Our hearts are broken. Our hearts are broken.”

In this handout image from an unknown location released March 16, 2023, the family of Irvo Otieno was killed during clashes with law enforcement in Petersburg.  Ben Crump Law/Handout via Reuters, this image was provided by a third party. Resale file
Irvo Otieno (right) with his family

Mr Otieno’s family described him as a selfless man and a talented hip-hop artist.

“If you look at that video, when they double down on the pressure, he’s out of breath,” said Mark Crudis, an attorney for Mr Otino’s family.

“Everyone has the right to breathe freely. He just wants to breathe – that’s all he wants to do.”

In this March 6, 2023, still image from video surveillance at Central State Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia, U.S., a Virginia sheriff's deputies wrestle with Irvo Otieno, a 28-year-old black man, before his death at the state psychiatric facility. Handout by Dinwiddie County U.S. Attorney's Office/REUTERS This image was provided by a third party.
Stills from newly released CCTV footage

Lawyers for the two defendants tried to block the release of the video.

Police said Mr. Otieno was initially arrested three days ago after police received a call about a possible burglary.

He was placed under an “urgent guardianship order”, which is used to treat mental illness.

The Virginia Attorney’s Office said deputies took Mr. Ottino to a hospital for treatment.

Instead, “he was smothered to death as a result of at least seven people pressing on top of him and holding him down,” attorney Ancabel Baskerville said during a court hearing Wednesday.

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