Live Updates: Turkey-Syria earthquake kills thousands

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Jeff Flake, told CNN on Monday that two U.S. search and rescue teams will be sent to Turkey to assist in the aftermath of the quake.

“There will be two teams from the United States. One from Fairfax County and the other from Los Angeles — they call it the heavy unit, I think 70 personnel each, rescue dogs and paramedics,” Fleck said. “That’s what we’ve been told we need.”

Turkey will need help dealing with the destroyed buildings, Flake said, saying the last he knew were 28 buildings collapsed or partially damaged.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also spoke with his opponent on Monday, the State Department said.

Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs Blinken [Mevlüt] Cavusoglu discussed ways the United States and our partners can best assist. Secretary Blinken confirmed that our initial assistance response is already underway and pledged to do all we can in coordination with Turkey to help earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

In terms of gaining support for Syria, Flake noted that the United States has many humanitarian and church groups in the country. The absence of a functioning government in Syria made things “more difficult,” he said.

Flake suggested that Americans who want to help can make direct donations through the Red Cross, nonprofits and church groups.

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