LG Sale: Get 40% Off This Dazzling OLED TV Now

The best TVs only get better when they go on sale, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the amazing LG Evo C2 OLED, a 65-inch model at Woot for just $1,499! Now.

LG has dazzled with generations of OLED TVs, and the recent LG Evo C2 OLED continues that tradition. This 4K TV takes full advantage of OLED technology’s ability to combine pitch-black pixels with bright highlights to deliver gorgeous HDR content with unparalleled contrast.

While the contrast ratio of the LG Evo C2 OLED is one of its neater tricks, the TV matches that prowess with rich colors that beautifully present all types of content. This monitor is also a smart choice for gamers, thanks to the ultra-fast response of the OLED pixels and the C2’s 120Hz refresh rate.

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The LG Evo C2 delivers stunning visuals in movies, TV, and games, and this 40% discount makes the extra-large OLED model even more affordable.

Larger displays can see prices go up more than you’d expect for smaller models, and it’s no different for this TV. The 65-inch model starts at $2,499, a full $700 more than the 55-inch model. Many retailers are offering it now for a discounted price of $1,699, thanks to a special Prime Thanks event happening right now at Woot! You’ll find a price tag that makes this 65-inch model as affordable as the full-priced 48-inch model.

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