‘Lettuce all pray for Liz Truss’ – PM loses to veggies in Daily Star stunt | Political news

A 60p lettuce beats Liz Truss in a newspaper stunt to see which lettuce lasts the longest.

Daily Star starts Live Vegetables On October 14, the prime minister’s grip on power was threatened after a disastrous small budget.

“Will Liz Truss still be prime minister during the 10-day shelf life of lettuce?” the tabloid asked.

The vegetable – adorned with eyes – was displayed on YouTube 24/7 next to the Prime Minister’s portrait, and the paper also featured it several times on its front page.

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Liz Truss resigns as PM – full watch

As pressure mounted on the prime minister, “serious” news organizations around the world, such as the Washington Post, reported on the disrespectful stunt.

The idea was inspired by a column in The Economist that called Ms Truss an “iceberg lady” with a “lettuce shelf life”.

back Ms Truss’ resignationthe live broadcast showed Lettuce still going strong, wearing a truss wig and smiling brightly amid a series of wine bottles and disco lights.

The Daily Star headline said: “Lettuce wins over Liz Reeves.”

Twitter users celebrated the victory on Thursday afternoon — and rejoiced at the plethora of puns.

“In lettuce, we bundle,” tweeted @BahMaring. “Beatened by lettuce, is Liz Truss inclined to turn the page?” @murrapa said.

“Lettuce prays for Liz Truss,” @SATIRE_of_SEVS wrote.

@Deepak Shenoy posted: “Does Liz Truss live longer than vegetables? Lettuce, no.”

“Lettuce has won fair and square and is now our official prime minister,” @russwan said.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev couldn’t help but swipe too, posting: “Goodbye, goodbye @trussliz, congratulations lettuce.”

However, one user did offer some consolation, tweeting: “Of course Liz Truss can’t outlive lettuce, but she did rule three generations of fruit flies.”

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