Kodak Black: US rapper once pardoned by Donald Trump ordered to go to rehab Art News

The US rapper whose sentence was commuted by former President Donald Trump has been ordered to rehab after testing positive for fentanyl.

The judge told Kodak that he must undergo 30 days of rehabilitation while awaiting trial on drug-trafficking charges.

Judge Barbara Duffy in Florida gave the rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, until March 7 to go free so he can be free, the Miami Herald reported. Available to perform at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Los Angeles.

A warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this month after he missed a court-ordered drug test on Feb. 3 and tested positive five days later.

Capri is awaiting trial after being previously sentenced July 2022 Arrested on suspicion of or trafficking in oxycodone.

He denies the allegations.

At the hearing, the rapper’s attorney said the lab technicians may have been star-struck and may have mixed up samples or paperwork — something the technicians said was possible.

However, when the judge recommended that Capri have his hair tested for drugs, the defense declined.

Hair can be detected in drug samples up to 90 days old, rather than the days caught by blood and urine tests.

In January 2020, then-President Donald Trump pardon the rapper and get off work He was sentenced to three years in prison after he was found guilty of forging documents used to buy weapons. He has served half of his sentence.

last year he was shot dead in los angelesoutside the restaurant where she was throwing a party with Justin Bieber.

Kapri is expected to compete for the Best Hip-Hop Artist trophy at the iHeartRadio Awards and has streamed over 30 million singles.

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