Julian Sands: Finding of missing actor ‘may not be what we wanted’, says police The Art News

Southern California police say they are “hopeful” to find missing actor Julian Sands, but admit the search results “may not be what we were looking for.”

sands He has not been seen for four weeks since he was first reported missing in the Baldi Mountain area of ​​the San Gabriel Mountains on Jan. 13.

“We remain hopeful regarding the search for Julian Sands, but know the outcome may not be what we want,” said a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

“The situation on Mount Baldi remains dangerous and our aviation unit is still patrolling the area. We also plan to conduct a ground search of the area in the future.”

The spokesperson added that Sands’ family is “grateful” for the support he has received since his disappearance, but no further public statements have been made at this time.

The 65-year-old, who was reported missing after a hike in January and failed to return, has yet to be found.

Since then, local and state agencies have conducted multiple searches for the British star, both on foot and by air.

Authorities have previously used Recco equipment, which can detect electronics and credit cards, in hopes of creating a more precise area to focus search efforts on.

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Last month, Sand’s hiking partner and friend Kevin Ryan said it was obvious “problem occurs“, but the actor’s advanced experience and skills will “hopefully” see him return safely.

Sands was born in Yorkshire and moved to Los Angeles in 2020.

His breakthrough role was as the free-spirited George on the period drama A Room with a View, opposite Helena Bonham Carter.

Most recently, he played the Chief Medical Officer in the 2021 TV series Blessing, starring Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi.

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