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British actor Julian Sands has gone missing while hiking in the California mountains.

The 65-year-old multiple Oscar-nominated movie star went missing in Southern California on Friday night.

When he didn’t return home after hiking Mount Baldi in the San Gabriel Mountains, his wife reported him missing, having been experiencing cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions in recent days.

Teams had been looking for him since the weekend, but avalanche risk and trail conditions meant ground crews were pulled down the mountain on Saturday night.

“We will continue to conduct searches using helicopters and drones, weather permitting,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

An additional ground search will be arranged when the weather improves and conditions are safer for rescuers, the spokesman added.

Raised in Yorkshire, Mr Sands is known for his roles in Arachnophobia, Leaving Vegas and Warlock, as well as TV appearances in 24, Smallville and Banshee. famous.

He has lived in Los Angeles since 2020 and most recently played the Chief Medical Officer in the 2021 TV series Blessing, starring Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi.

In 2011 he produced a show with John Malkovich for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and starred in the Oscar-nominated English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo alongside Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara .

He starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter in the 1985 James Avery film A Room with a View.

During his 4-year career, he appeared in more than 150 films and TV shows.

From 1984 to 1987 he was married to journalist Sarah Sands, editor of the Evening Standard and BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. They have a son together.

Mr. Sands also has two daughters with journalist Evgenia Citkowitz. They got married in 1990.

He told the Guardian in 2018 that he was obsessed with climbing and became more adventurous as he got older.

“The truth is, once you’ve worked long enough, and gained some experience, confidence, and independence, there’s a huge let-down of the things that interfere with your career: ambition, narcissism, jealousy, vanity, insecurities. You can spend a lot of time trying to stay young actors. It doesn’t allow for emotional maturity. It’s childish,” he said.

Mount Baldy is a 10,000-foot mountain in the Los Angeles National Forest northeast of Los Angeles.

The sheriff’s department said two people had died in accidents in the area in recent weeks, and its search and rescue team responded to 14 emergency calls.

They also urged hikers to “think twice” after a string of intense winter storms brought flooding and snow to California.

Authorities are also understood to be searching for another missing hiker who disappeared in the same area where Mr Sands was last seen.

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