Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu have frosty exchange on Israel’s controversial judicial reform | World News

U.S. President Joe Biden has publicly criticized Israel’s controversial judicial reforms and told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “go away.”

Speaking to reporters in the United States before boarding Air Force One, he addressed the recent crisis on the streets of Israel as the move would give the government greater control over Supreme Court appointments.

“Like many staunch supporters of Israel, I am very concerned. I am concerned that they will figure this out. They cannot continue down this path. I have made that very clear,” he said.

“Hopefully the prime minister will act in a way that he can try to reach some real compromises, but that remains to be seen.”

ask sir if netanyahu Will be visiting the White House soon, sir biden Sharp answer: “No. Not anytime soon.”

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More clashes and protests in Israel

The US president and Israel’s prime minister discussed the crisis privately by phone, but it was the first time Mr Biden has publicly criticized an Israeli leader.

In response to acrimonious comments from a close ally, Mr Netanyahu countered that he would not be pressured by foreign governments.

He said Israel It is a sovereign state that “makes decisions based on the wishes of its people and not based on pressure from abroad, including from best friends”.

“I have known President Biden for over 40 years and I am grateful for his long-standing commitment to Israel,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

“The alliance between Israel and the United States is unbreakable and has always overcome our occasional differences.”

Despite their apparent bravery, Mr Biden’s remarks will hurt Mr Netanyahu.

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It is a tradition for an Israeli prime minister to receive an invitation to the White House early in his term, and Israeli leaders see it as a moment of maturity.

Three months into his most recent tenure as prime minister, Netanyahu has yet to receive an invitation and is unlikely to receive one in the near future.

The White House’s condemnation stood in stark contrast to the British government, which was largely silent when Monday’s demonstrations brought Israel to a standstill.

Other Western countries, notably Germany, have spoken out against the proposed reforms.

Faced with few alternatives, Netanyahu calls for stop reform Monday night.

It has opened a window for discussions between the government and the opposition, and Israeli President Isaac Herzog has begun calling the parties trying to find a compromise.

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this protest movementwhich has grown sharply in the past three months, is determined to keep up the pressure on the government and is deeply skeptical of Mr Netanyahu’s intentions.

Whether pressure from the White House will force Mr. Netanyahu to abandon or water down the reforms remains to be seen, but the Israeli leader remains defiant despite warnings from senior politicians that it could lead to civil war in the country.

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