Jeremy Renner says he broke ‘over 30’ bones in snowplow accident | The Art News

Actor Jeremy Renner revealed he fractured more than 30 bones after a snowplow accident that left him in intensive care.

The 52-year-old said in a social media post on Saturday that 2023 would be a “tragedy” for his whole family after the 6,500kg “Pisten Bully” left him with “more than 30 fractures”. New Year.

Renner, known for his role as Marvel’s Hawkeye, shared a photo of himself being treated in a hospital bed.

“I want to thank everyone for their messages and thoughtfulness towards me and my family…” he wrote.

“Love and thank you so much. These 30+ broken bones will heal and grow stronger, as will the love and bond with family and friends deepen. Love and blessings.”

The star has shared many updates on his condition since the accident.In a selfie on January 3, he described himself as “too messy” enter.

Jeremy Renner
Image: Jeremy Renner/Instagram

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The incident took place on a ranch in Reno, Nevada, where the actor lives.

The day before the accident, a winter storm battered the region on New Year’s Eve, knocking out power to thousands of homes and closing hundreds of roads.

As Rainer was trying to clear snow from a road near Lake Tahoe for a relative’s vehicle, the plow started rolling on its own.

log or 911 Emergency call described the actor as being “completely crushed” by the machine, as the right side of his chest collapsed and his upper body was crushed.

Have back to his home Earlier this month, he was able to watch himself perform in the Paramount+ drama “The Mayor of Kingston,” which he stars in.

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