Jeremy Renner poses with intensive care staff as he recovers from snowplow run-over | The Art News

Actor Jeremy Renner posted a photo of himself surrounded by medical staff as he recovered from a crushed snow plow he suffered.

The Marvel movie star, whose films include “The Hurt Locker” and TV series “The Mayor of Kingston,” was critically injured outside his Nevada ranch on New Year’s Day.

He was trying to pull one of his vehicles, driven by a family member, out of the snow when the 6.5-ton plow rolled over him.

One Emergency call recordings show how the right side of his chest collapsed and described the cast as “completely broken.”

he is Taken to hospital in critical condition And appears to be facing a long road to recovery, but has now shared another photo with his followers.

It was posted on Instagram Stories, showing him accompanied by medical staff, with the caption: “Thanks to the renowned ICU medical team for starting this journey.”

racerHe, who turned 52 on Saturday, also posted a video this week on Twitter as he received a quick head massage from his hospital bed, joking that he “had a fantastic time with my sister and mum Spa Day”.

Jeremy Renner
Renner recently appeared in Marvel’s Hawkeye TV series

Authorities said the crash occurred when Rainer tried to jump back into the driver’s seat after the plow started rolling.

The actor, described by the sheriff as a “good neighbor,” has been helping to dig a snow-covered road near his home in Reno.

The two-time Oscar nominee is best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hollywood stars including Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo sent messages of support.

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