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American comedian Jay Leno has revealed his “new face” after one of his classic cars caught fire last November, leaving him with third-degree burns.

The former Tonight Show host, who was left with scars on his neck and jaw, showed his healed face in a TV interview.

The 72 year old He suffered severe burns to his hands and chest On November 12, while he was doing repairs in the garage of his Los Angeles home, one of his cars burst into flames.

He was hospitalized, with doctors using a temporary skin graft as part of his treatment.

On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Leno said he had a “new face” and described what happened as “pretty bad.”

He said: “It’s a whole new face, it’s unbelievable!

“What happened was, I was working on a car and I had petrol all over my face and it caught fire.”

Leno even joked about his injury in good spirits, adding: “I’ve been eating Flamin’ Hot Dorito and when I bite into it it sets my face on fire.”

But he continued: “It’s funny, it’s all third-degree burns, really bad, really bad … It’s like a whole new face.”

Reynolds previously said on NBC’s Today show that he was working with friends on his 1907 White Motor Co steam-powered car when he noticed a clogged fuel line in the vehicle.

When he tried to unclog it and blow some air through the line, he got “gas all over his face” and caught fire, he said.

Image: Grossman Burn Center
The comedian suffered third-degree burns to his face.Image: Grossman Burn Center

The presenter was rushed to a hospital and then to the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, where he was given hyperbaric oxygen therapy — an oxygen therapy that “can speed up the healing of burn wounds,” according to the center’s website.

Photos of his earlier treatment showed him lying in a hyperbaric chamber bandaged up.

Days after being released from the burn center, Leno returned to stand-up comedy with a sold-out performance at the Comedy & Magic Club in California.

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The comedian is an avid car collector, with more than 200 vehicles in a garage in Burbank, north of Los Angeles.

He left The Tonight Show in 2014.

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