Jan. 6 Panel Final Report Finds Donald Trump Engaged in ‘Multiple Conspiracies’ to Overturn Legitimate 2020 Presidential Election Results | US News

Donald Trump is involved in a “multiple conspiracy” to overturn the legitimate outcome of the 2020 presidential election, according to a report by US Politicians.

The House’s Jan. 6 committee released its final report based on interviews with more than 1,000 witnesses, 10 hearings and millions of pages of documents.

Seven Democrats and two Republicans totaled more than 814 pages documenting their 18-month investigation into the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

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A U.S. congressional committee has called for criminal charges against former President Donald Trump for his role in the Capitol riot.

They concluded that the evidence “leads to an overwhelmingly straightforward conclusion: The primary cause of Jan. 6 was one man, former President Donald Trump, after whom many others followed.

“Without him, none of the events of January 6 would have happened.”

The investigation detailed Trump’s actions in the weeks leading up to the insurrection and how his campaign to overturn the electoral defeat affected those involved.

It said that between Joe Biden’s electoral victory and the demonstration of his victory — on the day of the insurrection — Mr. Trump or his inner circle “engaged in at least 200 apparent public or private outreach, pressure or Condemnation, targeting state legislators or state or local election administrators to overturn state election results.”

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“Knowing that he and his supporters have lost dozens of election lawsuits, Donald Trump refuses to accept the legal outcome of the 2020 election despite his own top advisers dismissing his election fraud allegations and urging him to concede defeat ,” the report said.

“President Trump failed to fulfill his constitutional duty to ‘ensure that the laws are faithfully enforced’ and instead conspired to overturn the election results.”

The committee said Trump pressured states, federal officials, politicians and even his vice president, Mike Pence, to get what he wanted.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump confront police at a protest "stop stealing" A protest outside the Capitol in DCUS, Washington, Jan. 6, 2021. Photo taken on January 6, 2021.  REUTERS/Stephanie Keith
Trump supporters confront police at Capitol during Jan. 6 uprising

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They say his allegations of voter fraud, which have circulated widely on social media, build on the distrust of government he cultivated during his four years as president.

When his followers violently took matters into their own hands, he did little to stop them.

The report found that from the time Mr. Trump finished his speech urging his supporters to march on the Capitol to his first effort to disperse rioters, he completed 187 minutes while reassuring them: “We love you, you are very special. of.”

Several of his employees begged him for stronger words, but he didn’t.

The report also detailed lapses by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, but said they did not lead to an insurgency.

People take shelter in House gallery as protesters try to break into House chamber
People took shelter in the galleries of the House of Representatives as protesters tried to break into the building.Photo: Associated Press

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“This is not the scenario our intelligence and law enforcement communities envision for this country,” the committee’s chairman, Bennie Thompson, said in a foreword to the report.

The report recommends that Congress establish a “mechanism to evaluate” whether to bar a person named in the report from holding future federal or state office.

The panel has also referred the investigation to the Justice Department, recommending that it investigate the former president for four crimes, including aiding insurgency, but those referrals have no legal basis.

Mr Trump called the report “highly partisan” and a “witch hunt”.

He wrote on his Truth Social platform: “Highly partisan non-elected committee report purposely doesn’t mention that Pelosi didn’t heed my advice on using the military in Washington, display the ‘peaceful and patriotic’ words I used, or study the protests The reason, election fraud. Witch hunt!”

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