Jack Teixeira: US intelligence leak suspect ‘has more online friends than real friends’ | US News

In his garden, there is nothing but a “game chair”.

Seats sit outside, unoccupied on North Dayton property Jack Teixeira – nod, maybe, The secret scandal he committed through an online gaming platform.

Adorned in aggressive red and black, it’s a roaring accessory in the gaming world that silences unheard sounds.

Is the chair his? perhaps.

Perhaps its sports car styling appealed to the pilot, who calls himself “OG” — the original gangster — online.

It seems clear that Jack Teixeira loves his audience. He’s ready to risk everything – at least his freedom – to get it.

“He was a quiet kid. He had more online friends than real friends,” Ben Raposa told Sky News.

What we know about the leak

The FBI used billing records from an internet social media app to expose American pilot Jack Teixeira as a suspect in leaking top-secret military documents, court documents show.

The leak is believed to have started on the Discord chat platform, which is frequently used by those who play online games.

According to an FBI affidavit unsealed Friday, Discord said it was cooperating with the bureau.

He was arrested by heavily armed agents on Thursday following a week-long investigation into the leak of highly sensitive government records.

The 21-year-old appeared before a federal magistrate judge in a Boston court on Friday charged with possession of unclassified documents related to national security and possession of defense material.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement after the arrest that the Pentagon would conduct a review of its “intelligence acquisition, accountability and control procedures” to prevent such leaks from happening again.

President Joe Biden says he has “directed the department to [of Defence] To make sure they get to the root of why the suspects were able to access the files, and “focus broadly on the extent to which this is happening.”

Ben, 18, goes to the same high school as Teixeira but doesn’t know him well. Finding someone familiar with his disgraced son was a challenge in North Dayton.

so far.

Everyone in this rural Massachusetts town knows “Jack Teixeira – The Story” by now.

Jack Teixeira
Jack Teixeira

“It definitely put Dighton on the map,” Ben said. “Something like this is kind of crazy for Dayton, it’s usually pretty quiet, usually not much happens, and it was an absolute shock when I found out.

“The fact that he got that (Pentagon Papers) is also kind of crazy to me.”

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The full, insane story of the pilot’s breach in US national security will be told in time.

For now, it seems to shape the modern digital cliché — a hermit swaggering through cyberspace, hyper-focused but blind to the black hole ahead.

In small-town America, it’s the everyday story of the Internet — the story is everywhere.

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