Jack Teixeira: In Massachusetts, neighbors of suspected leaker recall a recluse US News

He’s that weird kid who travels on the school bus with headphones on to separate him from his company.

He’s a kid who doesn’t have many friends (if any), so he opts for an online social life.

He was a pleasant young neighbor, rarely seen but always courteous.

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The moment the suspect was arrested

these are about Jack Teixeira in his hometown of North Dayton, Massachusetts. Interactions with him may vary, but they share a common distance.

he is the hermit stay under the radarin more than one way.

If no one knew him, no one knew his motives or mitigations. Such a detail might inspire some sympathy — just maybe — but its absence fuels the cry of condemnation.

To the wider public, a committed a shocking crime What matters most is the crime itself and its aftermath.

However, the suspect is not without the support of the community. Mario Correa, 64, lives next door to Teixeira’s.

Jack Teixeira
Jack Teixeira

He told Sky News: “On one level, I really feel for this young man because I don’t think he really understands what he’s doing.

“Of course I sympathize with his parents because I know them on a personal level and they are really nice and hardworking.

“I pray for them that they are spared from all this.

“I’m sorry for the whole situation, I’m sorry for young Jack. I don’t really know what he’s thinking, but I’m sorry for him. The few times I’ve met him, he’s always been very nice to me. polite.

“We don’t know the extent of the leak, and I don’t think anyone does – I pray it’s the least amount of damage, but we also know there’s some level of accountability.

“But I also pray for some mercy for him.”

No trespassing signs have been posted on the private road leading to Teixeira’s home since his arrest. It’s the same path traveled by the armed FBI agent who arrested him.

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Teixeira's relatives leave federal court after his appearance Pic: REUTERS
Teixeira’s relatives leave Boston courtroom after his appearance

It’s one of the few visible signs of the huge story going on in this small town. Not that anyone needs a reminder.

At the nearby Lopes Complex, parents and children are preparing the softball field for the upcoming season. No one misses localized global news.

Chris Andrade said: “It’s pretty shocking. We have a lot of military connections in this community, so it’s even more surprising that someone here would have the audacity to do this.

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What We Learned From America’s Leaks

“Growing up in this community, it’s hard to fit in, and I thought, for someone like him, it sounds like it’s important to fit in, so he found a community online, had something important that he could share, and thought ‘oh, I can trust these guys’.

“I hope it’s just that he’s an idiot and doesn’t think through the full impact (through) it. I feel sorry for his family. It’s a disgrace.”

In this story, the word shame plays a pivotal role in this rural Massachusetts town and beyond.

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