Huddle: Spotify announces it will shut down popular song-naming game | UK news

Spotify has announced that it is ditching Heardle, a naming game inspired by Wordle.

The streaming giant acquired the game in July last year, five months after the game took the world by storm.

Huddle played a short piece of music and asked the player to guess the song as quickly as possible.

But in a new statement, Spotify said: “After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Huddle.”

The company had always hoped the game would help users discover new music, but has now confirmed that it plans to focus on other features.

It’s unclear if Huddle will continue elsewhere, currently slated to close on May 5.

Like Wordle, the game has become a daily habit for many music lovers.

It’s unclear who invented it – but according to Vanity Fair, he’s a “web and app designer living in London”.

Spotify acquires Heardle poor performance last yearsome fans complained that they could no longer access the game.

“Why do big corporations ruin everything,” one of them said.

Others were frustrated that their scores weren’t transferred to Spotify, meaning they’d lost all their game stats.

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