Golfer ‘bites off competitor’s nose’ at end of match US News

A golfer has been accused of biting off his nose during an altercation with his competitor in a casino parking lot, police say.

Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said the suspect, Mark Wells, 51, of Biloxi, Mississippi, fled the scene before turning himself in.

No nose was found and the victim was taken to hospital, local television reported.

Police were called to the scene after reports of an attack at a Hollywood casino in the city and found a man with facial injuries and a disfigured appearance.

“The investigation determined that the suspect, Mark Curtis Wells, bit off the victim’s nose,” Mr Schwartz said.

“Felony Chaos”

Officers were told Mr Wells and the victim had been arguing throughout the day over a golf game they had earlier played at the resort.

Mr. Wells was charged with a felony.

He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of the crime, which state law defines as premeditated “mutilation, disfigurement, mutilation or destruction of a person’s tongue, eyes, lips, nose, limbs or other body parts.” “.

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