Former NFL player repeatedly called racist slur by Miami business owner

Miami – Cellphone cameras captured racist remarks outside a South Florida business in which a man repeatedly used the n-word.

It all happened outside the Miami Infinity Sports Academy in March.

Former NFL player and Virginia Tech alum Jaydon Gayle has been repeatedly called a horrific slur.

“I was terrified and humiliated,” Gale said. “I don’t necessarily know what to do because I’ve never been in a situation like this.”

Gayle told Local 10 News’ Joseph Ojo that he asked the store owner to test the establishment for mold, but instead of addressing the issue, the store owner got so annoyed that he started yelling not only racial slurs at him, but others inside the sports studio. Yell.

“He ended up being very aggressive,” Gale explained. “He told an old woman who was here to eat beans and rice. She was Spanish.”

Another video shows what led to a racist slur. The owner walked out of the sports studio with samples of drywall that were supposed to be tested for mold, Gayle said.

Moments later, the owner can be seen getting into a Jeep. Someone could be seen trying to calm him down, but he just kept going as he drove away.

“I’m absolutely worried about retaliation, whenever I get in the car, I’m always worried about retaliation, and I don’t necessarily know if he’s going to do something to me,” Gale said.

Local 10 News contacted the business owner in the video.

He said don’t call him again.

Gale said lawyers were involved and he was planning to pursue legal action.

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