Entire police department at center of Texas school shooting suspended U.S. News

The school district at the center of a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uwald, Texas, has suspended its entire police force.

in the right Rob Elementary School Massacre Twenty-one people, including 19 children, were killed, and the district has announced that two police officers will be on “administrative leave” and activities across the department will be suspended.

May’s shooting was the deadliest at a U.S. school since the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, attack in 2012 that killed 26 people.

Uwald’s district police chief was fired in August as hundreds of heavily armed law enforcement officers hesitate to kill high school dropout Salvador Ramos.

victim of ramos

A state-led investigation into all of the day’s events is currently underway, but in an announcement Friday, Uwald’s Unified Independent School District (CISD) acknowledged that “recent developments have uncovered additional concerns about department operations.”

A statement from the agency said: “Lt. Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller (Director of Student Services) have been suspended and the school district has decided to suspend all activities at the Uvalde CISD Police Department for a period of time. .

“The officers currently employed will serve in other roles in the region.”

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School districts in the United States often have police departments.

CISD said it planned to rebuild the Uvalde School Police Department following the release of a state report later this month.

It said it would review the findings and then hire a new chief. The school district, meanwhile, said it had asked for more state police to patrol schools.

Parents and family members hold placards at Uvalde Integrated Independent School District board meeting
Parents and family members protest at recent Uwald Integrated Independent School District board meeting

Young children and their two teachers were shot dead after the 18-year-old gunman crashed a car outside their school and entered a classroom and opened fire.

commander of the day been criticized Because police were not ordered into the room where the gunman was hiding, they waited more than an hour before breaking into the classroom and killing Ramos.

Preliminary reports of what happened show Nearly 400 law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scenebut despite the huge repercussions in terms of personnel, “slack practices” and a general sense of “chaos” prevailed in every institution that attended.

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