Elon Musk’s ‘chainsaw’ strategy ‘doesn’t bode well’ for Twitter’s future | Tech News

An early backer of billionaire SpaceX has warned that Elon Musk’s strategy “doesn’t bode well” for Twitter’s future.

Social media platforms have been in disarray almost since the world’s richest man bought it last month for $44 billionTraffic surge during World Cup warned this week can take it offline.

Musk is battling a mass exodus after delivering an ultimatum — firing thousands himself. Must sign up for “High Intensity and Long Time”.

Speak at Sky News’ Big Ideas Live eventChris Kelly, who invested in SpaceX, said Musk’s more successful approach at the company would not translate well to Twitter.

“He should have taken a more measured approach when he took over,” said Kelly, who was Facebook’s global head of public policy.

“He’s been able to do some pretty amazing things, but he’s gone into a field that’s way beyond his depth and thinks that a bullying management culture can change it — and that doesn’t work at a company like Twitter.

“I did see some of Elon’s push management moves at Tesla and SpaceX before, but I was surprised this was the approach.”

“Is tomorrow okay?”

The growing uncertainty over Twitter’s future is yet another blow to a period of incredible drama for big tech companies, including Mass layoffs at Meta and AmazonCryptocurrency exchange FTX Down and the disgraced Theranos founder Sentenced to more than 11 years in prison.

Mr Kelly, who considers himself “mostly an Elon fan”, said the show was at the top of Twitter.

“The fact that it’s going from the city square in the center of the world to ‘will it work tomorrow?’ is a big question,” he said.

“The mass layoffs and chainsaw that Elon Musk has imposed on the company does not bode well for the company’s future.”

Mr Kelly was an early SpaceX investor and “basically an Elon fan”.

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“Musk should bring in a new boss”

Dex Hunter-Torricke, a former communications chief at SpaceX who now works on Meta’s oversight board that advises Facebook on moderation, urged his former boss at Twitter to name a new CEO to help stabilize the situation. ship.

He told Sky News: “Twitter needs a lot of attention – if Elon provides that, then I wonder who will host the show at Tesla and SpaceX.”

“The decisions you make in California could have huge consequences,” he warned of Musk’s free speech stance.

“Making very quick, knee-jerk decisions about content policy is probably not the right thing to do.”

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You can watch an archive of the event here.

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